Serie B - Football -  Italy

Serie B

Serie B tournament organized by Italy. Tournament registrants: 19 participants. At the moment in favorites football marathon are as follows:

Cittadella - null points, null won matches, null no-point matches, null draws.

Livorno - null points, null wins, null lost matches, null draws.

Ascoli - null points, null wins, null lost games, null draws.

As of 20.06.2019, standings show that teams are in the following intermediate zones:

Promotion Playoffs - Cittadella, Benevento, Pescara, Spezia, Cremonese, Palermo

Relegation Playoffs - Livorno, Foggia

Promotion - Brescia, Lecce

Relegation - Padova, Carpi, Venezia

Serie B (Italy) most successful goalscorer in contest are as follows:

Alfredo Donnarumma (Brescia) has scored 25 goals

Massimo Coda (Benevento) has scored 21 goals

Leonardo Mancuso (Pescara) has scored 19 goals

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